Rick Ross 

Guardian of the Truth or Garner of Attention?


There is now enough evidence to ask the question - "Is Rick Ross a Homosexual?"

His prison records make inferences about it, having deletions in one of the Psychiatric reports about his parent's disagreements with his "lifestyle".

He has never been married or cohabitated with a member of the opposite sex.

He was asked about his Homosexuality in a deposition on October 28th 1994  (Jason Scott trail) and refused to answer, but was upset. It was clear enough to the lawyer that deposed Mr. Ross that he is a Homosexual; "...there is no question by his mannerisms, and actions that he is.."

There has been and is much discussion about Rick Ross' Homosexuality on the Internet by people who have claimed to have been in his company.

If Ross is a Homosexual he has been betraying those he claims to help by acting on his own hatred of women and bigotry to all the various Christian groups he has labeled as "cults".
In Mr. Ross' deposition he is asked about his homosexuality and if there is no mistake he refers to it as a past event in his life or something to that effect as he is cut off by his lawyer - Ross says "I have previously...." (It is in deposition pages  5 & 6 the reader will have to follow the conversation through to get the context). It could be assumed that Mr. Ross' lawyer may have jumped in to stop him from saying whatever he was about to say. What is it that Rick Ross ......"has previously"......done and what was he about to confess or clarify? Some possibilities.
"I have previously clarified that I am homosexual..."
"I have previously had homosexual relationships but am currently abstinent..."
"I have previously addressed the issue of my homosexuality and decided that it is irrelevant because I hate everyone anyway..."
"I have previously made it clear that my homosexuality is no one else's business..."
Betrayal and bigotry are not a strong enough words if the facts stack up, Rick Ross being an avowed Jew who refuses to answer the question as to his homosexuality under oath, and who "reconciled with his parents about his lifestyle" as a young adult, he has labeled all kinds of Christian groups as cults and always uses the same language "destructive cult" to describe everything from the A.O.G to Zion Messianic Jews. If his hatred and bigotry of religion does stem from his homosexuality then so be it, that's great, because we all know that we are on the same playing field. But it is only the weak minded and weak willed that hide behind such a veneer or charade of self promotion and hide who they really are for fear of the loss of prominence & position.

Come on Rick! Let us all know what is going on?

These are documents showing that Rick Ross has been living at the same addresses with a man by the name of Haryanto Soedarpo since approximately 1998, first in Phoenix, and currently in New Jersey.

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Actual Copies of the Original Deposition Documents

Deposition 1

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